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Can I afford a wedding/event planner?
Working with a wedding/event planner is an investment towards ensuring that your special occasion is successful. The average couple will spend approximately 300+ hours planning their wedding. Who has that kind of time!? Well, we do…that’s who! And the benefit of working with us is that we will save you TIME and MONEY!!! Additionally, we enable you to have a fun and stress free planning experience. And who doesn’t want that…right! So the question becomes how can you afford NOT to work with an wedding/event planner.

Unlike some companies, we do not just offer wedding planning services. We work with various audiences and the needs and wants of our clients vary. Thus it, is impossible for us to definitively answer this question. But what we can definitely share is that when you hire Kreative Sentiments, you directly benefit from our relationships with reputable vendors and other event industry professionals because we are able to serve as your advocate, and negotiate price on your behalf. Because wedding and event planning is “what we do” as a profession, we are viewed differently than the end-user/client looking to personally secure vendors for their event.

For weddings we offer full, partial and a la carte wedding planning services to accommodate the wants and needs of today’s couples. Additionally, we offer event design, planning and management services for social, corporate and nonprofit events. We would be happy to provide a quote, but to do so, we will first need to understand your event wants and needs, so connect with us, we would love to hear from you.

If I’m already working with a venue coordinator, why do I need to hire Kreative Sentiments?
Excellent Question! The short answer is simply this: Venue coordinators, work for the venue, wedding and event planners work for you! As wedding and event planners, our number one priority is ensuring that your event is planned and executed to perfection and that you and your guests are well taken care for the duration of your event. A venue coordinator, however, is primarily responsible for aspects of your event that specifically involve the venue such as venue walk thrus, drafting venue contracts, scheduling tastings, monitoring your payments and understanding logistically how you wish for your event space to be set up. Venue coordinators typically serve three primary purposes: venue salesperson, venue ambassador, and liaison between you and the venues on-site operations team. Unlike wedding and event planners, venue coordinators DO NOT assist you with the actual planning of your event: budget development, budget management, event design, stationary, floral design, guest management, vendor management; nor do they execute your event itinerary, keep you on schedule and assist with “day-of” facilitation and execution of your event.

What event planning services do you offer?

Kreative Sentiments offers:

  • wedding and event planning, management and design services

  • styling and décor services for styled shoots, event/special occasions, exhibitor booths and lifestyle brands

  • event consulting

  • personal gift shopping services

Do you have business insurance?
Yes, Kreative Sentiments is insured and when necessary we are happy to provide proof of insurance.

Do you offer full service wedding/event planning & design?

Yes, for those clients who wish for us to handle ALL of their wedding/event needs, we are happy do so. We also offer customized wedding packages to reflect the priorities and specific needs of today’s couples. Please visit our services page and select your event type for a list of our service offerings.

Do you offer a la carte wedding/event services?

Absolutely! Please contact us with your specific inquiry.


I’m having difficulty finding vendors, do you help with this?
Of course we do! We have relationships with some of the finest venues, caterers, floral designers, pastry chefs, musicians, stationary designers, etc. and will gladly work with you to identify the perfect vendor for your event in whatever area of specification you need.

Do you offer discounted rates to non-profit organizations?
We have specific rates that only apply to our 501(C)(3) clientele.

I’m having a destination wedding, do you travel?
ABSOLUTELY, we love to travel!

What forms of payment do you accept?
For your convenience we accept the following forms of payment:
1. US Postal Service Money Orders
2. Bank Certified Checks
3. Debit/Credit Cards

Do you require a deposit or a retainer fee?
Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit at the time of contract signature to secure our services and your event date.


I want to work with you, how do I get started?

Great... we’re glad you asked! You may do one of the following: Kindly complete the form on our Let’s Connect page, or email us at We’d love to hear from you and a Kreative Sentiments event consultant will contact your inquiry is received.

How many people will you staff for my event?
The size of your event (number of guests) and whether or not your event will take place in multiple locations all factor into the number of Kreative Sentiments staff that will be needed. Once we understand the logistics and specifications of your event, we will use our professional expertise to discern the number of staff needed and ensure that your wedding/event will be adequately staffed.

Do you plan same sex weddings?
Yes, we welcome the opportunity to assist ALL couples with the planning and designing of their weddings.


How many weddings/events do you book per weekend?
Because Kreative Sentiments is a boutique wedding & event design and management company, we are selective about the volume of clients that we work with, and the number of events to which we commit our time. We typically book one wedding/event per weekend. This is with exception to Justice of the Peace ceremonies and intimate weddings/ events where the guest count does not exceed 30 people.

I’m planning a small, intimate event for 10 people…..could I hire you?
Certainly! Regardless of the size, scale or scope of your event we are vehement about the undertaking of exceptional and innovative event design and we are happy to work with clients however large or small, elaborate or conservative their occasion may be.

I just need someone to design a beautiful tablescape for my event, do you offer this?
We’d be happy to design a table setting for your special occasion, so YES, please connect with us.

I would like to decorate my home for the holidays… can I hire you for this?
You sure can. Please contact us for a discovery session, where we will assess your décor needs and determine if an on-site consultation is warranted.

How long have you been planning and designing events?
We have been planning and designing events for more than 10 years.

Do you require a vendor meal?
Yes, for weddings and events that exceed 4 hours in duration, we respectfully ask that you include a vendor meal for our team.

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