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At Kreative Sentiments we design personalized weddings and events that exude sentimental sophistication, meaning we create tastefully stylish events with a unique “wow factor” without compromising the meaning and reverence behind our clients intent to host an affair. This approach affords our clients’ and their guests an authentic and memorable event experience. So whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party for fifteen of your closest friends or a grand soiree for 300 guests, we will work with you to ensure that your event is visually impressive and that your sentiments and reasons behind hosting your special occasion are conveyed to your audience.

our mission


Our mission is to bring your event to life! To create the unimaginable for our clients by ensuring that your vision, sentiments and sense of style are equally expressed from start to finish while providing a stress-free, engaging and fun event planning experience and producing an event that meets client goals, exceeds client expectations, creates a positively memorable experience for all event attendees and makes those who didn’t attend, wish that they had.

our belief


Dare to be sophisticated, but different! We believe that creativity is endless, and therefore are allergic to the expected, ordinary, conventional and typical, which is not to be confused with traditional or conservative.  Sometimes “less is more” so we wholeheartedly respect our clients whose taste is more traditional and conservative in nature. But “you” are uniquely YOU, so we strive to afford each client engagement a professional and personalized experience that yields an event tailored to their preferences and results in a tastefully unique and authentic experience.

We further believe that the reason(s) for having an event is equally as important as the event itself, and the experience that will be had by those who attend. Thus, we pride ourselves on kreatively implementing ways to convey client sentiments and articulate event purpose throughout your occasion.

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